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Airline , September 09,2020

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Twenty-eight young people commenced their four-year SWISS apprenticeships in aircraft maintenance on 10 August 2020. Three of them are female.

Twenty-five future polymechanics – three of them women – and three future automation engineers begin their four-year apprenticeships at SWISS. Polymechanics with a specialism in aircraft maintenance are responsible for checking, servicing and repairing aircraft and their components, while automation engineers are tasked with checking various electronic aircraft systems and making modifications to their electrical equipment.

Both professions require extensive expertise in both mechanical and electrical production technologies.

All 28 new trainees will spend the first two years of their course in SWISS’s Apprentice Workshop, acquiring the basic skills and knowledge of their profession and completing the theory modules required for the EASA Category A Licence. For their third and fourth course years they will then switch to more on-the-job learning, working within SWISS’s aircraft servicing and maintenance teams in their specialist field. Parallel to this, SWISS apprentices also attend vocational school, and in some cases undergo additional vocational schooling to earn their baccalaureate.

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