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Airline , August 05,2020

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A former AirAsia pilot was found dead after he was believed to have jumped from his condominium unit in Puchong, near Serdang, Malaysia, yesterday.

Serdang District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Ismadi Borhan, said the 36-year-old victim was depressed after he lost his job and source of income.

Capt Sanjiv Daevin Arunasalam lost his job in AirAsia two months ago, and was having financial difficulty to pay his bills.

Quarantine, recession and caution about infection are causing colossal damage to every aspect of aviation. Thousands have already lost their job and many more are expected to follow.

The industry forecasts that last year’s passenger levels won’t return until 2024, and long-haul international markets will take longest to come back.

The disruption is being felt all along its supply chain, from parts and component makers to holiday to the packers of in-flight snacks and to hospitality industry.

According to IATA, the international air transport association, Europe’s passenger numbers were down 99% and the Flights that were taking off were roughly half full.

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