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Manufacture , June 06,2020

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Airbus threatens to sue airlines if they don’t honour the contract and take deliveries of aircraft on time.

Due to COVID issue, many airlines deferred the deliveries from platemakers and aircraft lessors.

As the stand off over undelivered passenger jets is intensifying Airbus Chief Executive Guillaume Faury warning of taking legal action and said “It will remain, I hope, the exception because we always try to find a different route than going to court,” …“But if and when airlines – and it’s happening – have no other choice than fully defaulting and not proposing something better than nothing, or are not willing to do it, then will happen.”

According to Reuters, “Airbus has sent out dozens of default notices to airlines in a step that can lead to lawsuits but undermine relations” ..”Some airlines have responded angrily in private…Qatar Airways this week warned Airbus and Boeing to defer deliveries or face a loss of future business, without saying whether it had received any formal notices.”

Travel industry is expected to recover sooner than expected, and if that happens the airlines will be able to take deliveries as scheduled…

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