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Manufacture , June 15,2020

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A leading Seattle based design company, Teague, has unveiled a design concept of redirecting overhead passenger air flow to help stop spread Coronavirus.

The company claims that the device will create an invisible barrier around each passenger.

Currently the passenger unit supply air stream from above every passenger, a mix of outside fresh air and recirculated air., then forces the air breathed out by passengers downward toward the floor, and all the cabin air is recirculated every three minutes or so.

The company proposes attaching a piece of plastic to the overhead airflow unit so that the air flows out not through a small pinhole but from a thin, curved slot in the plastic.

“..computational fluid dynamics model (CFD), we were able to simulate the airflow in the cabin and trace the water vapor droplets from an unguarded sneeze.” company says.

“we created AirShield – an invisible germ isolation unit around each passenger by engineering ‘blades’ of air.” it added

The AirShield is a single 3D printed component that fits directly on to the PSU rail over the top of existing gaspers.

The product itself is in early-stage prototyping and engineering development.

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