An Air Djibouti Boeing 737, on flight IV-206 suffered right hand main gear collapse on landing at Garowe – : Newsflight :
Airline , December 03,2020

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An Air Djibouti Boeing 737-500, on flight IV-206 from Hargeisa (Somaliland/Somalia) suffered right hand main gear collapse on landing at Garowe (Puntland/Somalia) on December 02, 2020.

The aircraft with 39 passengers and 5 crew, landed at Garowe Airport’s runway 04 at about 09:30L and veered to the right and came to a stop within the runway edge resting on right hand engine, left main and nose gear.

The right hand main gear collapsed on low speed while the aircraft was veered to the right of the runway.

The flight had originated in Djibouti (Djibouti) and was destined for Mogadishu (Somalia) with intermediate stops in Hargeisa and Garowe.

Local Media report the airport has been without operating fire truck for about 2 months due to a missing tyre and thus could not respond to the accident although smoke could be seen from the right hand side of the aircraft near the landing gear.

No injuries were reported.

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