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Airline , June 02,2020

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‘Buy airline tickets like you bought toilet paper.’ Virgin Atlantic captain Chris Pohl plea travellers.

The most senior A350 training captain at Virgin Atlantic, Chris Pohl, 56, who has been flying for 38 years, posted a picture of himself holding up a piece of cardboard carrying the message to his Instagram profile.

The post on instagram went viral on social media and says he had hundreds of of Direct Messages, texts, emails, WhatsApp messages and Facebook messages, plus many calls.

Now it has been hashtaged #buyairlineticketslikeyouboughttoiletpaper in WhatsApp exchanges with Virgin Atlantic customer service teams.

Captain Pohl, who has logged 24,000 flying hours, explained that the inspiration came from Instagram sensation @dudewithsign, whose similarly styled pronouncements have led to 7.5million followers.

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