COMAC, has delivered 3 ARJ21 to the big 3 airlines in China. – : Newsflight :
Manufacture , June 28,2020

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The Assembly Manufacturing Center of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) has delivered three ARJ21 aircraft to Chengdu Airlines, Genghis Khan Airlines and Jiangxi Air.

ARJ21 aircraft is a new turbofan regional jet independently developed by China and having independent intellectual property rights.

A total of 28 ARJ21 aircraft have been delivered to and operated by three commercial customers including Chengdu Airlines, Genghis Khan Airlines and Jiangxi Air.

Up to now, ARJ21 aircraft have successively operated in more than 55 routes in more than 55 cities in the regions such as North China, Northeast China and Southwest China, and carried more than 860,000 passengers.

Chengdu Airlines is the first customer of ARJ21 aircraft. The first ARJ21 aircraft entered into route operation on June 28th, 2016.

Up to now, Chengdu Airlines has received 20 ARJ21 aircraft, with the routes covering the regions such as East China, Central-South China, Southwest China, Northwest China, Northeast China and Russian Far East, basically forming a trunk and regional airline network across regions.

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