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Airline , June 13,2020

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Emirates retires first A380 from it fleet.

The aircraft registration A6-EDB was repainted white and was spotted at Dubai International Airport on 12 June 2020.

This aircraft made its last scheduled flight from Muscat to Dubai (DXB) on 23 February, before it flew to Dubai World Center on February 28th and back to Dubai on March 25th. It has been there ever since.

Emirates is the largest operator of Airbus A380 with 115 planes on service with 8 more to be delivered.

Airline prepares to retire 46 ageing A380s of which approximately 30 A380s to retire around the middle of this decade and the rest afterwards.

Reduced aircraft could see 30,000 staff redundancies, as post-COVID recovery is not expected until 2023.

Out of Emirates’ 115 A380s, 59 aircraft are on lease. This will allow them to just return the aircraft back to leasing companies and reduces the risk of resale as as the residual value of A380 has weakened.

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