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Airline , December 15,2020

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Etihad Airways officially inaugurated the latest ecoDemonstrator aircraft in its journey towards sustainability.

Etihad took delivery of the Aircraft in October, and on 15 December 2020 it entered service.

A brand-new Boeing 787-10 registered A6-BMI, is the latest arrival to Etihad’s 39-strong fleet of 787 Dreamliners, making the UAE national airline one of the world’s largest operators of the technologically advanced aircraft type.

As the 2020 ecoDemonstrator, in partnership with Boeing, NASA and Safran Landing Systems, Etihad’s 787 Dreamliner was used as a flying testbed to accelerate technological developments with the goal of making commercial aviation safer and more sustainable.

The Boeing ecoDemonstrator program test new technologies to improve its aircraft’s efficiency while sustaining eco system.

Boeing has been using many aircraft on this program, from Boeing 737 to 777. However, Boeing typically uses a customer’s aircraft rather than one of its own.

The 787-10 ecoDemonstrator tested a way to reduce noise produced by the aircraft, mainly noise generated by an aircraft’s landing gear.

During the test, 214 microphones were attached to the aircraft’s fuselage, with an array of over 1,000 more microphones laid out over a Montana runway, to measure precisely where noise is being generated on the aircraft.

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