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Airline , November 05,2020

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Gulf carrier, Etihad has parked an Airbus A380 at a French aircraft graveyard on Long-term storage.

The aircraft resisted A6-APA was flown to Tarbes from Abu Dhabi today. This 5.3 year old aircraft was the first A380 delivered to Eithad

The aircraft departed Abu Dhabi at 10:46, landed at 2:30 PM in Torbes with a flight time of six hours and 44 minutes.

After the pandemic downturn, Eithad has parked all of its 10 A380s in March,

“We’re heartbroken to see our 380s parked up. The question as to whether they’ll ever fly again, to be equally direct about it, I’d say the jury’s out., I think it’s heavily handicapped by two engines too many, and other aircraft can do the job far more efficiently, far more sustainably.” Etihad Airways group CEO Tony said in a podcast last month…

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