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Airline , November 19,2020

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“Fly! Love is in the Air.”, EVA Air’s latest idea to help people find love at 32,000 feet in the sky.

EVA Airways, one of the largest carriers in Taiwan, partnered with travel company Mobius is offering the dating experience for single men and women in the “flight to nowhere”..

A Three hour speed dating flight with 20 single men and 20 single women, departs from Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport and circles the airspace above Taiwan, plus another two hours of a romantic date back on land.

Participants are encouraged to have in-depth conversations with each other on board while sampling meals prepared by Michelin-starred chef Motoke Nakamura.

Each flight seats only 40 passengers, costing US$295 per participant. Participants must be university graduates with Taiwan citizenship.

The dating flight welcomes men between 28 and 38 years old, women between 24 and 35

Unlike a typical flight, there’s no choosing window or aisle ahead of time. Participants will be seated pair by pair by lucky draw.

However, they will be free to move around and chat up other travelers during the meals on land.

Flights offer three types of itineraries and they all wrap up with a hearty “confession” section where participants reveal who they clicked with.

All 40 seats were sold out within a week, with more than 400 waiting to booked into next flights…

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