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Airline , November 06,2020

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Lufthansa Group reported a Adjusted Earnings (Adjusted EBIT) amounted to minus EUR 1.3 billion (previous year: plus EUR 1.3 billion).

The average monthly operating cash drain, before changes in working capital and investments, was EUR 200 million. In the same period, sales fell to EUR 2.7 billion (previous year: EUR 10.1 billion).

Airline reported a Net loss of EUR 2 billion (previous year: plus EUR 1.2 billion).

Operating expenses were cut by 43 percent in the third quarter compared to the previous year, partly as a result of significantly lower fuel costs, fees and a reduction in other costs that vary based on the extent of flight operations.

For the first nine months of this year, the Lufthansa Group generated revenues of EUR 11 billion (previous year: EUR 28 billion). Adjusted EBIT in this period was minus EUR 4.1 billion (previous year: plus EUR 1.7 billion). Net profit was minus EUR 5.6 billion (previous year: plus EUR 1 billion).

Cash flow and liquidity development
At the end of September, the Lufthansa Group had EUR 10.1 billion of cash at its disposal. This figure includes stabilization measures in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium totaling EUR 6.3 billion, which have not yet been utilized.

Net debt at the end of the third quarter was EUR 8.9 billion (December 31, 2019: EUR 6.7 billion). The equity ratio fell by 15.4 percentage points to 8.6 percent, compared to the end of 2019 (December 31, 2019: 24 percent).

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