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Airline , July 10,2021

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Lufthansa is offering an early retirement for pilots nearing the retirement age, as air travel suffered heavily due COVID-19.

In the meantime, it is also offering special early retirement bonus amounting 35,000 euros ($41,500) for Airbus A380 pilots.

The internal memo on voluntary retirement for pilots, indicate that Lufthansa will never fly A380 again, as it said “..pilots of the Airbus A380 type that will no longer be used by Lufthansa”

There are around 850 pilots aged 55 and over are eligible for Lufthansa’s “Freiwilligenprogramm Cockpit,” or “Cockpit Volunteer Program,” out of them 135-400 pilots will be issued one-off retirement payments.

Payouts reportedly begin at 32,000 euros for those born in 1958 and go up to as much as 240,000 euros for pilots born in 1967.

Lufthansa was operating 14 A380s before the COVID issue. Now it has parked 11 at Tarmac Aerosave’s facility in Teruel (Spain), two are in Tarbes (France).

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