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Manufacture , December 17,2020

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Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, will be slashing about 95% of its workforce as Spacejet production grinds to halt.

The company will cut its workforce by about 95 percent year-on-year from next April, to a bare minimum of roughly 150 from nearly 2000 staff.

MAC will halt operations at a U.S flight test site after its parent company MHI announced a decision in October to freeze the development of a small passenger jet, called “Spacejet”

Spacejet is the first Japanese produced aircraft after world war two.

Parent company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced in October that it would suspend development of the SpaceJet, as the coronavirus pandemic leaves dark clouds over the aviation industry.

“The company’s priority will be on obtaining type certification for the SpaceJet M90. ..In order to maximize the efficiency of type certification flight tests in the future, this fiscal year, Mitsubishi Aircraft will focus on re-organizing, improving the current design at the aircraft-level, and validating data earned by over 3,900 hours of flight test.” said the MAC

Activity at a development center in the US state of Washington is also being cut to a minimum. Test flights will be grounded by April, with only maintenance-related work on four aircraft there.

MHI will reduce its budget for the SpaceJet development project to ¥20 billion for fiscal 2021-2023 from ¥370 billion for the previous three years.

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