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Airline , August 28,2020

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Qantas workers across the country are preparing to protest the carrier’s decision to cut 2500 jobs and outsource them.

The Airline said that it will cut all of its ground, baggage and cleaning jobs and outsource them by calling for tender.

According to Qantas, this move would save the airline $100 million per year.

The announcement comes just months after Qantas announced it would be cutting 6000 jobs, and standing down a further 15000 employees.

Trade Worker’s Union national secretary Michael Kaine called for Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce to step down and said “We have written to the prime minister asking him to intervene and to stop Qantas axeing jobs that were to be saved through the JobKeeper scheme,” ..and “We have said if Qantas refuses to do this, then it should pay back the money it has received from the public purse.”

The major cost cutting measures are taken after Qantas last week reported a $2 billion annual loss and scrapped its dividend.

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