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Airline , August 03,2021

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Qantas will stand down around 2,500 workers due to extended COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney, Australia.

The airline said that the affected workers will be paid fully the next two weeks and after that they will reliant on government support payments

The Australia federal government announced yesterday that airlines would be able to claim $750 a week for up to half of their air crew workforce on the condition that none were retrenched.

Qantas and Jetstar front line workers will be affected as the airlines operating at less than 40 per cent of domestic flight capacity due to extended lockdawn.

The Qantas already stood down around 7,000 staff who worked on international flights, and with this new announcement around 43 per cent of the airline’s 22,000-strong workforce will be back on stand-down from mid August.

Qantas says “The stand down is a temporary measure to deal with a significant drop in flying caused by COVID restrictions in Greater Sydney in particular and the knock-on border closures in all other states and territories. No job losses are expected.”

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