Rescue officials found Rs 30 million (USD 184,716) in cash in the wreckage of flight PK-8303 – : Newsflight :
Airline , May 29,2020

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Rescue officials have found around Rs 30 million (USD 184,716) in cash in the wreckage of the Pakistan International Airlines’ aircraft that crashed in a residential area near Karachi International Airport on Friday

Flight PK-8303 from Lahore with 99 people onboard Karachi crashed on approach to the Karachi International Airport killing 97 people onboard.

Investigators and rescue officials have found currencies of different countries and denominations worth around Rs 30 million from the aircraft’s wreckage, an official said on Thursday.

“An investigation has been ordered into how such a huge amount of cash got through airport security and baggage scanners and found its way into the ill-fated flight,” the official said.

He said that the amount was recovered from two bags in the wreckage.

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