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Airline , September 24,2020

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Silverstone Air Fokker 50 cargo aircraft operated by Saacid Airlines crashed onto a perimeter after landing at Mogadishu International Airport (HCMM), Somalia, on Sep 19th 2020

The freight flight from Mogadishu to Beledweyne (Somalia) with 4 crew returned to Mogadishu Aden Adde airport shortly after takeoff, reporting problem with the landing gear.

On landing the aircraft veered off the runway and impacting a perimeter wall separating airport from the Indian ocean.

According to local reports, the captain was trapped in the cockpit, until rescuers were able to free him, and that the first officer received minor injuries.

Aircraft received substantial damage, and later the forward section of the aircraft was cut off while the rest of the Fokker 50 was loaded on a flatbed truck for removal.

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