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Singapore Airlines has flown two more of its Airbus A380s to Alice Springs Airport in Australia for a long term storage.

So far airline has parked six of its 19 A380s in Alice Springs desert.

These aircraft will not likely to return to service until late 2021.

The Airbus A380s were accompanied by two Scoot Boeing 787-8s and three NokScoot Boeing 777-200s, all of which have now are parked in a long term storage basis in Australia.

The images, taken by Outback Photographics’ Steve Strike, show the A380s dwarfing neighbouring jets. “Some $5 billion worth of aircraft from around the world now being holed up in the desert near Alice Springs,” Strike wrote.

Singapore Airlines has reduced its scheduled capacity by 96 per cent amid COVID-19 and fly only around 10 aircraft of its fleet of 200 aircraft.

In 2018, Singapore airline decommissioned the world’s first A380 superjumbo, which took off in 2007, and sent to the storage facility Tarmac Aerosave near Toulouse, France. It was broken up late last year for parts.

Currently more than 16,000 jets around the world are grounded, which is around 61% of the world’s passenger jets.

Some $5billion worth of Aircraft from around the world now being holed up in the desert near Alice Springs due to COVID-19 travel downturn

Posted by Steve Strike on Sunday, 3 May 2020


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