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Airline , July 10,2021

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A Sri Lankan Airlines plane carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team ran out of fuel in flight and made an emergency landing in India.

Sri Lankan Airbus A330-300 (4R-ALR) returning from London on Flight UL-504 suffered in-flight fuel shortage during overnight flight across the two continents.

The aircraft made an emergency landing at Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) Airport in South India, after rejected to land at Muscat International Airport (MCT) due to inclement weather.

Sri Lankan landed at TRV about 13:30 local time after another nearly three hours of flight from Muscat.

After a short refueling, it took off to Colombo.

it was back in the air for a quick 40-minute journey back to Colombo (CMB).

The team’s head coach Mickey Arthur said “Our plane had to land in India because it ran out of fuel. When our plane landed in India, I opened my mobile and I found England’s operations manager Wayne Bentley. The message came. He informed me that the plane was running out of fuel. These situations were stressful for the entire team.”

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