Third Airbus BelugaXL has rolled out of the paint-shop in Toulouse. – : Newsflight :
Manufacture , June 13,2020

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Third Airbus BelugaXL has rolled out of the Airbus paint-shop in Toulouse.

Three more to come for the BelugaXL team to be complete.

Airbus is building six of the A330-200 based transporters which will eventually replace the now 20-year-old Beluga ST fleet.

The new larger BelugaXL has been designed to carry two A350 wings from Broughton to assembly plants in Europe, the current BelugaST can only transport one A350 wing.

The bigger XL powered by Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines, allows for 30% extra transport capacity, it is 7 metres longer and 1 metre wider than its BelugaST predecessor.

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