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Air Force , September 27,2020

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Officials have found the Flight recorders of a military plane that crashed in eastern Ukraine on Friday.

The Antonov AN26 carrying seven crew members and 20 air force cadets crashed and burst into flames near a highway in northeastern Ukraine city of Kharkiv, killing 26 people.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pledged a prompt and impartial investigation into the accident, and said “Yesterday, as a result of a terrible tragedy Ukraine lost 26 of its worthy sons,”

An-26 was on its 6th training circuit when he left engine failed. The pilots requested an immediate return to land and crash-landed on the M03 motorway.

There were 27 people on board, 20 of them reported to be young recruits from an air force university.

“According to the preliminary information, the cadets did not directly control the aircraft – all flights were performed by the crew commander,” the security service said in a statement.

The aircraft, manufactured in 1977 and used for training flights, had previously been in normal use. “Everything went according to plan, the plane was performing a training flight for cadets,” Taran said.


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